A sliding switch on the back of the unit extends and retracts the USB connector. This Mpio MB MP4 is built to manage dozens of tunes, which enables you to move your must-have tracks onto it. First, there’s the question of design. Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers. Does the FY have any other tricks up its sleeve? It features a built-in USB connector that pops out and retracts with the flip of a switch–no cable required.

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Mpio FY 400 User Manual

Not finding what you are looking for? For that type of setup you need a generator or multiple 12 volts batteries in series and a heavy duty inverter. These players are usually built around a 1.

You’ll want to look closely at performance; sound quality and battery life can make or break a player, especially if you travel a lot or have the so-called golden ears of an audiophile.

A few–in most respects, this is a standard-issue flash memory audio player. These devices are anything but one-size-fits-all. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s You can’t just change one device, you have to change the settings for everything.

Please assign your manual to a product: As a radio, the FY features autoscanning, 20 auto or manual presets, and even support for worldwide FM bands, instead of just the United States’. Visit manufacturer site for details. You get fewer megabytes per dollar than you do with a mpuo player, and these models have many of the same disadvantages of larger hard-drive-based units, including the moving parts that limit physical activity and nonremovable batteries that eventually kpio out and need to be replaced.


Sometimes the door can get jammed too. Ffy400 connecting to different usb port, then a usb port on a different pc with a compatible os. You may also like. Almost certainly a fault in the main amp board. Smaller players such as the MuVo fit without a problem.

They also tend to have more features and larger screens and are overall easier to use. Micro hard-drive-based players Straddling the line between full-size hard-drive-based MP3 players and ffy400, flash-based players, these models aim to give you the best of both worlds by using miniature hard drives about 1 inch or less in diameter with capacities of up to 12GB. Finally, most use rechargeable batteries usually lasting 8 to 20 hours per charge mpko you can’t replace yourself, so after several years, you might have to pay for a new model or pay to get the battery replaced.

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About this product Product Information This Mpio MB MP4 is transportable and high-fidelity, and it is a good solution for delivering quality sound. This MB digital media player is small, allowing you to stash it tucked away in a jacket or purse.



Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers. Luckily, many new micro drive-based players such as the Creative Zen Micro feature a user-replaceable battery.

A player can have every feature in the world, but if the design doesn’t match your lifestyle or if the interface is impenetrable, you still won’t enjoy it. The Bad Awkward interface; hard to fit into some USB ports; no USB extension cable; uncomfortable earbuds; battery life falls way below the company claim; overpriced.

Audio Player Accessories for Mpio. How do I unlock my j-pay 5? First, there’s the question of design. They store all your music on one device.


Because the battery can’t take a draw of that many amps. That’s a pretty cool trick, but players such as the Creative MuVo have offered cable-free operation for years. Unfortunately, unlike many players that have built-in connectors, the FY doesn’t come with an extension fh400 in case you have obscured or crowded USB ports. This will often stop the pinch roller from fully engaging with the capstan shaft.