The answer is that since Digitalway could make the main unit larger, they could endow it with a more sophisticated interface. If you’ve ever used a MD portable with remote then you have a good idea of how the FD works. USB Interface Rev 1. On the left side of the player is a hold switch, a covered USB 1. English, Korean, Japanese, or Chinese System:

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The first users reported back that it works for them, so it should be in a more or less usable state.

These chips are not supported ATM, but we are working on it. Table Of Contents 3. Oh, you might also learn that the player is not covered for breakage or malfunction due to an Act of God. When you insert SMC, push it to the end. You can see it from here. Please give it a try.

Digitalway MPIO-FD100 (128 MB)

When pushed or held up or down you can move from track to track or scan through the current song. You can get it here. Now, if they could just sneak in a more powerful headphone amp they’d be in business. Additional Product Features Power Source.



Please spread the word and test the code. After the power is turned off, the values volume, FM frequency etc. Voice Record 1 When you press the Mode button in the pause state of Play Mode, it starts to record voice.

This is the one most of you guys and gals out there want to use. Please test this one! Finally, our latest and greatest release is out. This allows you to stick the FD in a backpack or pocket and access music using the small inline remote control.

Please feel free to test the code and send patches to improve it. It won’t pull in stations like your home tuner, if you even own one, but it does well for a portable. Reading and writing to the internal memory works. All operations on the mpjo mem should now work!

Display the status of FM Mode. Hopefully this will come to a usefull state in the next weeks. Determines whether the player will play through the entire memory or just the current folder. You can get it here: Sorry this didn’t help. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


The ample battery life featured on the Mpio FD music player makes it easy for you to enjoy using it while traveling, resting, or riding in a car. The LCD shows all the info you could want: The headphone jack accepts the inline remote interface, but you could also forgo the remote and simply plug directly into the player.

Press the F button and move to the FM Mode. The MPIO project is still alive but our actual time is rather limited. And hell, if pressed I might describe it as beautiful. Granted, it would only be ding dongs who listen to music too loudly, but a little more juice never hurts.