The Tone Curves and Histogram window “floats” above the preview area, meaning you can move it anywhere on the screen. Although not as sophisticated or as effective as ICE3, which is featured on many more expensive cameras, the Auto Dust Brush does the job well. If you want a great scanner at an even greater price, in my opinion this product will suite both the casual user and professional quite adequately. The 35mm film strip adapter is made up of two pieces, a bottom film tray and a top pressure plate. Using the scanner is quite simple. Once you’ve got used to this quirk, you realise there’s no need to panic and the problem is sorted.

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Minolta DiMAGE Scan Dual III AF-2840 Manuals

Most relevant reviews See all 6 reviews. Saving The Index Images The top two pulldown menus set the film type and size, the first step af2840 the scanning process.

After highlighting which slide to scan, it will then perform a pre-scan, which is a more detailed capture. Loading Exposure Settings Automatically crops the frame to the edges of the active image area, cropping out any additional black space from the media surrounding the image.

The easy version, shown above, is very straightforward, and if you wait five seconds the picture will show the various screens it takes the user through.

Minolta Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

Setting The Monitor Icc Profile There’s still a few spots left, but the majority dimagw been removed. Verdict Considering the price of this scanner, we didn’t have all that great expectations.


This focus-feedback system is a nice implementation I wish more scanner manufacturers would adopt! This is much less useful in my opinion, I prefer to see the reference back to the dula, as shown here. Likewise, novices are prone to make the images too contrasty or oversaturated, due to poor color judgement. Do note that this is likely a time-limited evaluation though: Don’t have an account? Selecting Index Thumbnails They didn’t sacrifice features or quality on this one.

Minolta Dimage Scan Dual III Film Scanner Review

Nonetheless, this is a very approachable interface that can get you “in the ballpark” quite quickly, with no detailed knowledge of color theory.

Fujitsu fi Document Scanner You can then apply these setups arbitrarily to individual frames in the current film holder the interface allows for up to 36 frames, to accommodate the optional APS minkltaand then batch-scan all the photos.

You can manually focus by selecting the exact AF point or let the scanner perform its own very reliable auto focus function. In fairness to the DSD-III, these only appeared in the face of really extreme tonal adjustments, but they were quite apparent on the original Train slide.

Preview scan accuracy was quite good, and I appreciated the fact that the effects of even fairly major tonal adjustments were pretty faithfully reproduced in the preview window, without necessitating another prescan.

Assuming that DPI is adequate to scan film is wrong, because it comes down to imnolta quality of the optical system that delivers the image dimae the CCD. Good quality product, easy and nice scan I am happy with this Minolta slide scanner. Considering its specifications and performance, this is a remarkable achievement, as it dramatically outstrips the capabilities of any competing scanners currently marketed anywhere near that price point.


For instance, this is a great way to brighten up the weak greens color negative film so often records.

I have only one disappointment: One warning from my research: For some tough pieces of film, I found the histogram best for making the gross adjustments, and the curves tool better for fine tweaks in specific tonal ranges.

As for the xual themselves, the DSD-III is quite fast, and doesn’t seem to spend quite as much time getting itself sorted out before each scan as many other devices I’ve tested.

It’s been designed and priced for those that have never used a film scanner before iiii have the need to digitize negatives or slides for viewing and sharing on computers or the Internet. Primary rgb And Secondary cmyk Colors In the scanner market, they’ve consistently produced models with good performance and value for the dollar. For details, please ask their respective manufacturers.