The few times I was allowed on their computers I remember the scrolling experience to be pleasant. Mouse not practical in small gen aviation cockpit. As a designer and student, I am on the computer at least 8 hours every day if not The buttons are still messed up physically, and the bearings still wear out way to early, the scroll wheel is still in a stupid spot, but it may make that a more viable replacement for some. I also wanted to gloat a bit. I know what I’ll be looking out for at the thrift shops, haha..

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The patent listed immediately above is about the ball and the reading of the markers on the ball as being movement to the on-screen arrow in the X and Y direction.

Microsoft Mouse Trackball Explorer 1.0 Ps2/usb Compatible PN X05-87473

It looked like a relic, I thought it might be fun to play around with. Now we have to beat the drum loudly enough….

Instead ofreplacing the bearings I took them out and turned them around fixed anything loose on the inside and it works like new again this spring im going to repaint it and get my buddy to air brush it before the clear coat goes on. He finally ordered a Kensington Expert Mouse and we are awaiting its arrival. IT look good, hopefully will last a while, i did slight damage my mouse taking it apart and putting it back together, but nothing to worry myself about, brilliant mouse.


I just wish I knew where they were getting the ceramic balls and I would fix mine myself! I had it refurbished, i. I have the scroll wheel and scroll middle button working and everything, was tough to get everything in the right position.

I bought a MS trackball optical when they first came out.

It will work for you if it is done as i said. I need a backup if I go without I think ill be lost lol. Lastly, my biggest issue over the imcrosoft has been with the right mouse button. I picked it up a Goodwill for two dollars today. I see the price has also gone up where I bought it in the past week.

[ubuntu] MS Trackball Explorer ButtonMapping in fails

Microsofh Us Feel free to message us if you have any questions. Since there are three separate printcards, several separated leds and sensors, separate placed microswitches and various injection mould made plastic parts, not to forget the amount of inproper placed different sized screws!! Mine finally gave out on me and with the prices being what they are on Ebay, I went ahead and got a logitech track man.

As everything does, it got old and worn out and finally stopped being as sharp as yrackball used to be.

Please check model number and compatibility! Do I use the not so good one for as long as it lasts maybe years—maybe far less to save the good ones. The ball is about the size and weight of a pool ball. Try one of these for compatinle week compatilbe you’ll wonder how you ever used a regular mouse.


I could make do with an Expert, but it would be a strain to get used to.

The only reason why I came across this site was because my TBE mouse got pulled of the table and hit the floor and I wanted to do a web search to find a replacement. This item may be a floor model or an item that has been returned to the seller after a period of use. Why anyone would use a mouse beats me! Yup I agree Twila, but I think if they came out with a tbe 2 gamer edition or something like that, or updated with a lot of features like a scroll wheel that tilts for side scrolling, that had variable resolution, and a recordable macro key and such I think it would sell like gangbusters.

Microsoft behaves like a DOG guarding a grass heap when a cow wants to eat it. Anyone interested can e-mail me at koakoa gmail. Then it is fine again. Using it right now.

Microsoft Explorer Trackball PS/2 & USB compatible – Buy, Sell, and Trade – AtariAge Forums

I am a Trackball Optical thumb ball user and am in the same boat as you Trackball Explorer folks. Maybe the fact that they last so long is why Microsoft quit making them. You clmpatible be able to find individual bearings at any good hobby shop.