When upgrading, you will often be informed that a new configuration file is available for a certain package, and be asked whether you want to install the new version or keep your current version. In other words, it’s a Geforce that didn’t meet Nvidia’s heat requirements. For detailed or infrequent topics, the user should consult the Wiki or the Forum. In addition, it can restore default values for groups and memberships. Here is where you specify your computer’s name and domain.

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Sometimes you may want to downgrade an mrpis to an older version, for instance because of problems that arose with the new one. Good to try this when you get black screen with a nVidia card.


Even if you are planning to dual-boot, you should make a backup of this data in case of unforeseen problems during the nbidia. Directions on use in the Manual listed below. If you can’t find a particular version at one site, it may be available at one of the other sites.

All guides currently work.

Hands-on with MX Linux: A pleasant, easy-to-install Linux distribution

No further PSP guides until replacement. Make sure you back up your data, including documents, graphics, music, and mail. Depending on the icon you click on the navigation panel on the left, the sidebar either shows a table of contents, a Thumbnail view of each page, the Reviews, or your Nvixia for this file.


The system provides a set of rules that match the properties of the discovered device. No, the site is not active yet.

Re: [Dev-mepis] Nvidia Error – GeForce 4MX

Here you enter the login name and password of the first user account but not the full name. Resolution refers to the physical number of columns and rows of pixels creating the display e. Check the sites linked below for new developments. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. For more nfidia, see Meepis and Guides for Section USB modems wireless dongles usually show up on the wlan interface, but if not then check others on the list.

For more help on the terms used in the Linux computer world, see Links and Guides. And while each user-space process occupies its own virtual address space, the kernel occupies a single address space.

The following suggestions will give you a sense of what is available. The European Commission Thursday released the results of a survey it conducted that found while most software programs it tested do a good job of blocking kids from accessing certain websites, they are less effective at blocking access to social networking sites and blogs.

MepisGuides will continue to be dedicated for the support of Mepis Linux. It has already been done! For wireless internet access using a 3G modem, please refer to the Debian Wiki’s 3G pages linked at the bottom of the page for compatibility information. After a flood of piracy allegations, the file locker site MegaUpload has stood up against the music and movie industry. A package manager such as Synaptic or Gdebi is a collection meppis tools to automate the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing software packages.


Webcams have traditionally been tricky to configure with Linux. For more details, open a terminal, become root, and enter:. You can also enable or disable the Samba server and configure the Samba workgroup see Section 5. So it is important to make sure that the right software is loaded. In general, a partition can be mounted dynamically whenever it becomes physically connected, mounted manually when you need access to it, or mounted automatically upon boot.

I’m glad to see that the MEPIS and antiX users have kept this distribution alive, and are doing a very good job developing and maintaining it. If you already have a Linux Swap partition defined presumably from some other Linux installationyou can leave that on “existing”. If you leave the Home partition on rootthe entire installation will be made in one partition; if you want a separate home partition, you can choose it here as well. Only x res with Nvidia driver.

I decided to settle for Swiss French initially at least the Y and Z would be in the right place. It’s confusing to read — just a bunch of locale abbreviations — and it is incomplete.