How does it work? You are currently viewing Golf Tuition Online as a Guest which gives you limited access to our many website features. I bought the Refiner and I think it’s junk. Please log in to reply. I don’t think you can go wrong with ither club. I still struggle and time and practice are going to get me proficient but it is nice having the medicus to train with at home or office.

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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. My partner tried without video and it didn’t help him much. I only really swing it in the backyard or in the parking lot before a round but I have seen other people play it off the ground and off tees.

Refiner vs Medicus, Which do you think is better? – Golf Forum – Golf Tips & PGA Golf Forums

Do not be fooled by the “dual hinge” vs the “single hinge” argument from most Medicus owners. I’ve bought refiner and tried it today I decided refiner over medicus after reading this thread Not bad!

The Medicus does have another break point – in the same direction! They let you feel what it is like to do something in a mechanically sound manner. Anyway, as I mddicus before, they are both good products and I always carry my refiner with me whether at the range or on the golf course.


The first one is pretty self explanatory. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Medicus and Refiner Golf Training Aids

To make a short story long, you won’t go wrong with either. Also, in my most recent post about goals set forI talk about reaching the 3 goals I had set for myself 1 Shooting below 40 a 38my previous best had been a 41 a few years ago. Posted 01 September – Are these effective training aids, and how does the iron work Can refindr hit it off the ground?

What turned me off was the hinge breaking. One of the best things that can help is mesicus the physics and science behind the swing. EdZ-I got thinking and then digging in my computer desk.

Yea, when you are beginning, you don’t need any training clubs like the medicus, just a decent set of irons and a decent driver is sufficient, taking lessons is what will allow you to hit those clubs. Believe me I know because when I first started swinging the refiner I had a swing flaw just about everywhere and the refiner would let me know at each phase medicu the swing. Then a smooth transition into the downswing and through medivus. Medicus v Refiner or save my money?

The first part of the medicus dual hinge was wasted on me since I found out that I can swing the club without it breaking first try. After I hit a bad shot, I swing it a few times to get back on track. For most people your body learns to perform a given motion by feel.


I dont know if there is an order for a free cd from them on their website or not. Please log in to reply. Posted 10 September – I attribute this to the lower price of the Refiner.

After taking a quick look at the refiner, I see that it is single-hinge design. Some more practice and all I need is consistent straight yards. I’m striking the ball great, but more importantly I now understand the how and why of my swing. See following info drawn from my store’s sales: It works very well at improving tempo and take-away. I received the refiner as a christmas present this past December and it has done wonders for my swing. The dual hinge is a lot of nonsense.

I’m a beginner and I was wondering which one you guys would recommend.