But now I know better. The program is configuring the write portion and it needs to be able to write on the blank DVD in order to complete the process. Manually delete the registry entries Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. For 95, 98, and Me 16 bit users, you can find regedit. My man thanks you cause now he has C. However, my iTunes needs to reinstall in order to operate. It can do with 10 types of optical disc ; [[:

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matshita dvd ram uj s – VideoHelp Forum

I tried everything short of reformatting agian to get it back! Mine has just failed, and I’m not exactly surprised.

Even if i delete them all, it never works. Thursday, January 31, 6: This works for Vista Home Premium and it’s the actual drivers so you can back them up for a later vvd. This is the error message that I am getting: But now I know better. I tired the registery fix deleted upper and lower filters.


It’s only been working for about an hour. Matshita drives are absolutely terrible, I haven’t seen or heard anything positive about them. Thanks for the excellent advice Da Nubie. I have been experimenting problems with the same device while trying to read a DVDs full of photographs.

MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJS ATA Device Drivers Download for Free | Driver Talent

The driver may be corrupted or missing. Sunday, September 2, 5: Sunday, February 22, 7: Make a backup of the registry before proceeding.

I had to delete the upper and lower filters and then reboot and magically worked! Thursday, June 25, Deleting the lower filter and a reboot is what also worked for me. To da 8400s my sincere thanks. Wednesday, January 30, 9: Monday, September 8, 4: Modify the registry at your own risk. Thursday, June 12, But it refuses to burn anything In the Registry Editor window, click the X in the upper right corner to close the window. I am have the same problems.


I spent all day trying to download a driver or update itbut too noooooo avail.

Thank you alot Newbie. Friday, August 10, 4: Saturday, October 4, 8: Download AHCI dvr 7zim06ww. I really can’t afford to buy another drive right now, and I feel like I must be close to the problem, like there must be a solution.


Also, if you ju to remove entries in the registry without going thru Psexec, the registry will not let you remove certain Legacy entries. Monday, June 30, 5: Thank you ever so much! I have searched the net for an update for my acer with nothing good in sight.