If they are not detected, this likely is a compatibility issue between the controller and expanders. Thank You for the education. The error seems to manifest on certain Intel chipsets. Joined Sep 9, Messages Thanks So that would be rather easy. Getting a proper bracket is recommended. Posted on 4 February

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Super Micro Computer, Inc. – Support | OS Compatibility Chart

Five minutes later i was running an array of ten drives, spread on the floor! First thing I’d do is try flashing to the latest firmware, either from IBM’s site or from LSI’s site in the i section – either one, they’re identical.

The error seems to manifest on certain Intel chipsets. Just for curiosity i took one of the expanders and flanged it between the drives and the HBA.

Is that functional with ZFSguru? I’ll keep an eye on the LSI SAS e and maybe i’ll change to that one if the driver is developed to a final version. Additionally, if during boot one or more devices has a hickup or problem, it may fail booting. Status Not open for further replies.

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Jan 10, Messages: There are so many vendors with so many stupid flash update requirements that we normally don’t bother trying to upgrade card firmware in-place unless it is something like the HP gear which just gives you a CD image to update everything in the system automatically. You can look under SAS Topology at your attached disks, but really there’s not a whole lot to be seen here in IT mode. LSI states it with ‘Supports most major operating systems’, whatever that means.


The firmware does recognize drives that are plugged into it, so hopefully that means the card isn’t defective, at least. And it is more difficult because the disks don’t show up in “camcontrol devlist”. I found this on ServeTheHome, a very interesting website you might want to bookmark: The takeaway from all of this?

But looking at a configuration like this one http: Still the same, only the disks attached to the motherboard appear: Might be a good choice for the future though, assuming the quality of the driver will improve.

I have just one PCI-express slot with the current configuration lets call it ‘mark I’.

Consider multiple HBA cards instead of one big expensive one. Posted on 18 February Metaluna frrebsd, Feb 15, This guide will only look at 8 port models for the time being. MetalunaFeb 12, Dec 30, Messages: Share This Page Tweet.

LSI 1068e vs 2008 in JBOD

So you could have some issues with it if you disks misbehave. You could build a TB server with that. Apparently it is possible to configure the LSI controllers to pass through unconfigured-good drives to the underlying OS but they don’t do it by default, and I don’t see an immediately obvious way to set that.


Just bourght 2 of these cards for cheap. I just opted to remove the brackets, my only concern would be that working in your casing while the system is on could pull the controller sideways and that might not be good.

Good news about the driver! And i need an HBA i can recycle for the final server. I always stick with buyers that have good return policies in case they are fakes.

So that would be rather easy. These were reported by users running Linux.