This bug affects 1 person. If you just find something like this you have a device which isn’t an IR device in this case an RF remote:. Unless there is reason to use lirc above this is probably the way to go. It’s also a problem when using the uinput option, or when converting to use the build-in decoding. If you have several devices with the same name you need to use the address instead. For this to work , the lircd.

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The configuration file generated this way is a starting point. When using serial or parallel port hardware the proper kernel module must be loaded with correct options. The next step is to convert the symbols to configure the systemd service. Comment on this change optional.

Kernel team bugs 7. If it still doesn’t work, have a look at this site or ask on the forums.

The drivers for several remotes have been moved into the kernel and this means that many of them should ‘Just Work’ lric of the box. Views Read View source View history.

If you are a programmer who wants to maintain such a driver you are welcome to join the project. Sign up using Facebook. In the following its assumed that this user is called lirc and it’s group also is named lirc.


To use multiple capture devices you need to setup multiple lircd instances as described in Appendix 9. Thus lircd-uinput needs to run as root unless these permissions are changed. dev/niput


There you should find something like:. If lifc becomes o problem, look into appendix 6. It must also use standard key symbols from the namespaceii as described above. To actually write a. Using that, pressing an up-arrow on the remote works the same way as pressing the up-arrow on a keyboard. These should be made accessible using udev rules.

Note that this is not persistent, you need to do this after each boot. This should list a single entry rc0. Conflicts on serial ports can be handled by disabling the kernel serial driver for that port. Unless there is reason to use lirc above this is probably the way to go. Choose the correct values corresponding to your receiver and eventually transmitter. Once irw works you are done with this step: Text on this page is available under Attribution-ShareAlike 3.


After this, check the driver and device using using e. This means that you should pay attention that your TV card is detected correctly by bttv, as can be checked using dmesg 1. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat If you want to use the default configuration you should start and enable the lircd service and possibly define lircrc files for your applications.

lirc-make-devinput(1) — lirc — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

Email Required, but never shown. You can find a list of supported devices here. Take a note to the final decision. Now when you start xbmc the remote control should work.

The project began with support for home-brew receivers and transmitters for the serial port and later support for similar hardware for the parallel port was added. If it does not exist you have to build the staging drivers, also outside the scope of this document.