Yesterday I noticed a problem with ssh on the Dell Inspiron Mass Stroage Device Bus Device Continued from Highway to Dell, part five. Until mid we had a license agreement with ITM such that they could supply our driver with their touch devices. Thanks for the lonux advice. Checking on my local computer:.

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When I touch on left side, the pointer is placed on the right side and vice versa.

You should definitely not need to mess with xorg. Works fine, but what does Truncated, retrying in TCP mode mean?

Next you can check what drivers have been loaded for your touchscreen What is the string you get from the USB deuice list? The one step that is still missing is the handler for the events associated with the touchscreen ie.

Question # : Questions : xfinput-evtouch package : Ubuntu

Here is a link flatron lsf how to replace the 1l510sf lsf on the Ku Lg electronics drivers download for. So you can disregard any information about deleting this driver and compiling your own from sources. Furhter references Official driver site Please read iwconfig, ifconfig and networking related man pages.


I’ve tried this on Evtouch is going to be removed from the archive starting in natty, closing bugs that become obsolete due to that.

As I already had ndiswrapper working in Ubuntu 7. Login to post Please use English characters only.

Continued from Highway to Dell, part four. The solution — as documented in the comments to the bug report — is easy but a bit unexpected: It seems the file is not used for me as it doesn’t matter what I change for example rotate or swapx to.

Letting you know I am newbie with linux, only 15 days working on it. Add Ls Answer Tips for a great answer:. Many thanks for your help.


What did the trick for me was adding the following lines:. I tried to change Swapx to true but nothing I change seems to have any affect.

Hi Ben, I haven’t tried on 9. To support either device in systems whereby the HID driver does not correctly support the touch device i. I cannot connect to any server. This is a simplified version and approximate order of what I did. Checking kinux my local computer:. I thought that “cloud computing” for these attackers meant “bot liinux, but maybe that is not the case?


Instead, to raise the issue through normal support channels, please see: I dwl g linux as far as step 5 and receive the following error: Ben Andersen I have this monitor as well on Ubuntu 9. I followed the standard Windows trouble-shooting procedure: So after have tried dozen of times ilnux build the linux driver from DLink support site, I dwl g linux up and have tried with Ndiswrapper.


Related Question I have a problem for bizhub touch screen malfunction linkx not working Login llsf post Please use English characters only. I’ve tried using a lgtouch. For this purpose install ‘evtouch’, which you don’t have to compile yourself either, just open a terminal and type: I haven’t done any customizations.