Page Use of paper in these conditions can lead to illegible printing, misfeeding, and paper jams, and can shorten the life of the machine. Enter the new e-mail address. Item Restart entire device When clicking the Restart button, the machine restarts. Press the key or the key to select Cassette1 Size and press the Enter key. Press the setting that you want to change and press the Enter key. Default Operation Mode Default Operation Mode Perform the following procedure to set whether the display that appears after power is turned on to the machine will be the one for the copy operation mode, for the scanner operation mode or for the status operation mode.

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Default Original Size You can change the default original size to a more frequently used one.

All printout to a non-existent port will be accomplished to Logical Printer1. Has the administrator set a Enter the appropriate password?

Printing The Service Pages Lists information on the settings and environments of use for this machine. The factory default setting for Auto Error Clear is Off.

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The first original is scanned. Bold indicates key names.

Page 2 All rights are reserved the prior written consent of Kyocera Mita Corporation is prohibited. Registering Custom Paper Size Kyocdra Custom Paper Size If you normally copying or printing onto a paper size that is not registered in this machine non-standard sizeit is convenient to register that size in advance.


Time Zone Use the following procedure to select the time zone. Note If the paper is considerably curled in one direction, e.

Clear Timer screen is displayed. Page 0 and Press the key or the required and press the Enter key.

Kyocera KM-1815 Advanced Operation Manual

Press the Start key to start scanning. Got it, continue to print. Conventions This manual uses the following conventions: Enter or revise the e-mail address and press the Enter key. Page 67 In the same manner as you did in step 6, select whether or not a report is to be printed out upon a KPDL error, and press the Enter key.


Should this error code arise you will need to clean the scanner optics. Any copies kj-1815 of all or part of this manual, any copyrightable subject must contain the same copyright notice as the material from which the copying is done. Setting Menu Toner Gauge Rset Toner Gauge Reset Note To ensure the correct toner status displays, do not perform this procedure unless you have replaced the toner container.

Perform the following procedure to have a report sent to selected e-mail address which notifies you when scanned data has been attached to and sent by e-mail. It offers an affordable imaging system that is eco-friendly. The original sizes available for copying are as follows: The following is an example of the information that km-8115 sent by e-mail.


Page 98 Press the key or the key to adjust the copy exposure and press the Enter key. The higher the resolution value is, the finer the image will be. Icons A number of icons are displayed on the Status screen that is explained in this section. Resetting Toner Status Resetting Toner Status To ensure the correct information displays for the toner status, the toner gauge must be reset after replacing the toner container.

The following modes are available for zooming.

Toner cartridge for Kyocera KM

Press the key or the key to select Cassette1 Kykcera and press the Enter key. The message display shows Completed and returns to the Buzzer screen. Press the left select key. Troubleshooting Has the administrator set a Enter the appropriate password? The message display returns to the Pausing Job List screen and the canceled job is deleted from the list of jobs being processed.