The DX performed very well on the “laboratory” resolution test chart. The DX has an excellent bundle. Details are sharp, although the detail in the shrubbery lacks fine structure. How much is a foot-candle? You can usually clean this up pretty well in software — including with the EasyShare software that comes with the camera. The Daylight setting produced very good results, though with a stronger warm cast.

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The rendering of detail in the poster will be very different than in this shot, and color values and even the presence or absence of leaves on the trees! Pick an album in the same way that koda, would an e-mail addressand the camera will dump the photos into the proper album the next time you transfer photos to your Mac or PC. They’re a little soft, and I suppose I could’ve used a longer shutter speed on the fx one, but you get the idea.

Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical 66490 Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future. Overall, Kodak’s claims that the DX has a high-quality lens seem to be well-substantiated.

Resolution is high, as the tree limbs and shrubbery show a lot of fine kodqk. The DX’s flash illuminated the subject well here, with a good intensity even at the default exposure setting. In addition to the record menu, there’s also a setup menu, which has the following options: I routinely shoot this series of images to show the field of view for each camera, with the lens at full wide angle, at maximum telephoto 10xin this caseand at full telephoto with the digital zoom enabled.


Kodak EasyShare DX MP Digital Camera – Black | eBay

The controller moves the lens smoothly from wide-angle to telephoto in about two seconds. Pressing the Share button enters playback mode and brings up the following menu: NOTE that this image cannot be directly compared to the other “house” shot, which is a poster, shot in the studio.

A similar camera without the KODAK name is a great deal less expensive but, it does not carry the prestige as a “name brand” does in today’s w orld. Could just be my camera, but I think i have seen other auctions claiming the same thing Shutter lag was very short on this camera, which was nice.

Let’s say you want to mark an image for e-mail.

Loaded with advanced features such as a professional level lens, this can be an excellent and accessible camera that yields excellent results with great built in accessories. Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all.

Kodak DX Digital Photography Review

It has the following options: This can make emailing, printing, posting, and transferring a breeze, and the camera requires no jodak accessories for you to share your favorite photos with family and friends. Though, it’s important to consider that the DX’s four-megapixel CCD is likely capable of capturing more detail than the poster actually has in it, even though it was made from a MB scan of a 4×5 negative shot with a tack-sharp lens.


With that out of the way, let’s take a tour of the camera now. This feature is also integrated with the OS X address book.

I’ve begun including links in our reviews to a Thumber-generated index page for the test shots. Inside the mode dial is the four-way controller more like a joystickwhich is used for menu navigation. Insert an additional memory card and you could snap away at paris Dz for hours!

Where the DX really stands out is in terms of ease-of-use. How does the DX hold up against the competition? Nikon D D It was just a breeze, but it sounds much worse.

Kodak EasyShare DX6490 4.0MP Digital Camera – Black

The DX overexposed the shot a fair amount, and even with a Inside the box, you’ll find: One of the biggest problems with EVFs is when you’re shooting in the dark — normally you can’t see anything.

The e-mail tab works in the same way. This camera comes with multiple scene modes, including night, sport, landscape, and portrait mode. The lens is not threaded.