If you’re in the market for a flash-based portable, then the T should sit at the top of your list of portables. Actually the entry-level model doesn’t have the recording or the FM tuner, but most of the line does. As of press time you could not use the T as a generic storage device without drivers. There are even more options than the last version. On or Off Time: Not bad, but I wish it lasted longer.

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Show More Show Less. This might sound like a minor point, but anyone who’s used a pokey device knows how frustrating it can be. Basically, you sit it on one side and the LCD and controls face you.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The lfp390t is stiff and responsive and generally well designed. I guess I should have mentioned that in my previous post. Almost didn’t know it was in my pocket.

I don’t have the player so I can’t really suggest anything. They’re also very flat, which minimizes accidental depressions.


While the neck strap tab used to double as a weapon, the other end is now the business end. Much, much lighter than my 20gb iPod. Feel free to have them contact me.

iriver IFPT MB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

It was also great because it was so light! Show less Show more.

iirver Product Key Features Storage Capacity. It also sits very comfortably in hand. It takes under one second to access your music. One of the only weaknesses of the series was an end-mounted flap that was a little cheap feeling. The software iRiver provides is so easy to use. On or Off Time: Elapsed or Remaining Battery Select: But that was an easy purchase from the local Target.


Again, series owners can add some of this goodness with the new firmware. I recorded from my iPod, from a CD player, my own mellifluous voice, and conservative radio.

Turns out that inside the device, the power connector broke off the circuit board. Media Center doesn’t recognize this. Please login or register.


iRiver iFPT Black ( MB ) Digital Media Player | eBay

Now it is out of warranty, and I’m trying to find a replacement. As things are, you get outstanding sound quality, an obscenely complete menu system, and more features than you’ll ever need. The buttons are smartly situated and right under your fingertips when you hold the player. The tapered shape means a highly focused area of contact. Contact iRiver and tell them to contact us.

The T is endowed with iRiver’s outlandishly detailed menu system. Most of the controls are still on irp390t top and front sides; the hold switch sits kfp390t to the rubber-covered USB port on the bottom edge.

IRiver still bundles Sennheiser earbuds with the player.