No success in restoring the T43 at all. It’s only been in here for a few hours, yet it seems to be connecting fine. I had an absolute nightmare getting the audio to work again after my clean install, Lenovo don’t have the correct driver set on their site, I had to search around to find the Windows UAA hotfix to get it working. The Lenovo has the latest drivers downloaded yesterday from the Lenovo site. Not sure will it connect again if I switch it off. It’s not like it’s really needed since my cable Internet service is rated at a maximum of 3 Mbps download and I doubt I ever get anything close to that anyway. I have connected to several different networks without any problem.

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I’ve also turned off SSID broadcasting to make it harder for someone to find my network. However, it would be nice to have a new toy to play with, and I have pretty much everything working in my Thinkpad T42p—except for the Windows-only modem, Bluetooth, and the built-in wireless—so the lure of the now available GenMAC driver was just too much for me.

Cheers, George In daily use: Since I have been using wireless networking for years, it’s not much of a change for me. This website uses cookies. As you can see in the bit of screen capture to the left, the WLAN widget from version 2.


In the case of the T42p I had to remove the keyboard and surrounding bezel, but then it was easy to pull out the original Intel b card, unplug the antenna wire, insert the bg card and then reattach the antenna cable. Please submit your review for Network: That took just about 5 minutes which is about 18 Mbps.

If you move the mouse pointer over the widget, you get a popup with information about the connection including 2000vg SSID the wireless router’s assigned namesignal strength, the negotiated speed of the connection and the adapter and IP address.

Finally I went to Intel wireless card update driver website and downloaded a file. The Ethernet connection worked but not the wireless.

Downloads for Intel® PRO/Wireless Network Connection

Merry Christmas and a Happy Wirelesd Year to you all! Please respond if you have installed win 10 on this computer and have used the built in WiFi! Message 7 of 8. Feature articles Mark Dodel: I went and tried to switch on Wireless radio into ON mode???

The same has been the case with the newer Bulk pack, came with driver disk. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. I didn’t expect everything to go smoothly, and was not aware wirelfss the wireless card issues on this C until after spending several or more hours trying to get a stable and recurring connection.

Any site that a client wired or wireless accessing the web through the Netgear router that contains any word in the list is blocked and a message appears instead stating the site was blocked by the Netgear router.


I will try and let u know, so i better buy one a wpa compatible wireless adaptor with flash drive i guess.

You are logged in as. Then save your changes and reboot. George, Now that i think i have made my load back to factory state and wanna see will the inteo wireless will work or not before Windows starts its auto upgrade to Sv. Installing Windows 7 on my W XM. I tried more than times sitting throught the nights. The Intel mini- wireless card solved the issue.

Note you will need the wired connection to install the firmware. It would be perfect for Linux though, something to consider. That’s when I realized that none of this was my error, or lack of knowledge.

Downloads for Intel® PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection

It is also far more sensitive to distance from the WAP than my other machines. Basically this card and it’s drivers are junk. When it arrived the audio was stuttering and breaking up when playing DVDs and mp3s.