Press Info to view a channel banner containing information about the current program or digital media selection. Press Record to open begin recording for the device, if the device supports the button. Press Back to go back one level in the menus. Read all the steps completely before proceeding. Press Source as needed to select the input source to view.

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rrmote Memorex,,, MGA,,kediasmart, Anam National, Simply point the remote control at the front of the device. Press Media to go to the top page. Pioneer,,, Press and open the cover on the back of the remote control.

Press Source to open the input sources list. The Media button is not valid.

HP SLC3760N MediaSmart LCD TV – Using the Remote Control

If the device does not respond, repeat steps 4 and 5, trying each code for your brand until you find one that works. Locating the remote control buttons. With the desired option selected, press Setup to close the menu. Press Rewind to rewind fast-reverse.

HP SLCN MediaSmart LCD TV – Using the Remote Control | HP® Customer Support

Program the remote control to operate home entertainment devices such as your audio receiver, DVD player, PVR, or set-top box. Your device may not operate in response to all of these buttons. Press Previous Replay to go to the previous item or media. In the digital media menus, press Stop to stop play remoet the current media selection.


HP SL4278N and SL4778N MediaSmart LCD TVs – Using the Remote Control

Press a Volume button to raise or lower the sound. Remote control battery installation.

Sansui, If the brand of your device is not listed, your device cannot be programmed into this universal remote control. Connecting MediaSmart to an established wireless network requires no physical setup as it has built-in wireless network antennas.

To select a channel in TV mode, press the number buttons and then press Enter. It describes how to install the batteries and how to program the remote control by using mdeiasmart Manufacturer codes for compatible brands listings. Setup for HP Online Media Serviceswhich allows the user to register for a MediaSmart Services account for access to movies, internet radio streaming, and other services. Incorrect installation can cause battery leakage and corrosion that will damage the remote control transmitter.

Press Stop to end play of the current media for the controlled device. Write down the key. Press an Arrow button to move the cursor in the menus. Mediasmrt Next to go to the next item on the DVD.


Press Media to go to the top page. JC Penney,,,,,JCB If the jediasmart of your device is not listed, try programming the device using the steps in Programming the device code using auto setup mode.

Sampo,, Operating a set-top box or other programmed device After programming the remote control code for a home mmediasmart device into your remote control, press the Device button on the top of your remote control to select the device to control: Media Center PC