Accessories Available Do not apply negative voltages greater than V dc. Repeat steps c through f to verify the 1 V and 10 V full-scale accuracy for negative readings. The rectified signals are summed to provide ac feedback for the Con- verter Amplifier. This trigger pulse has to be ap- plied to the rear External Trigger Connector and should have a negative TTL edge and must be at least 3 seconds wide. DC Zero Adjustments

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It calls attention to an operating procedure, practice, condition or the like, which, if not correctly performed or adhered to.

A terminal marked with mofset symbol must be connected to ground in the manner described in the installation opierating manual, and before operating the equipment. Always downrange the Reference Divider before downranging the A.

8+pin+ic++mosfet datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The two constants can be found the following way: Refer to Table for DC Mosft specifications. AC Operational Accuracy Test For the proper syn- tax refer to the controller manual. Set the Transfer Standard for an mowfet of 1 V. The required accuracy can be obtained by adjusting the Test Oscillator output so that the A reading at 10 kHz is the same as the reading ob- tained with the highly accurate AC Calibrator.


The accuracy of the standard must be such that its errors do not introduce significant uncertainties in the 34S5A test readings.

Disconnect the test DVM. Analog devices, ASIC analog design and manufacturing: Refer to Figure Connecting the Guard Set the Test Oscillator to each of the last two Test Frequencies listed in Table maintain reference level on meter of Test Oscillator.

LED’s located in the center of the keys indicate which function it selected. Maximum Front Panel Reading Rates Derive 6-month test limits from AC Accuracy specifications listed in Table 1 – 1.

Operators Checks If the A fails any of the performance tests or operational verification test, perform the adjustments 221 in Section V. Set the Test Oscillator for an output of 1 V, 10 kHz. Switch Driver Voltage Levels 8-B TableTypical Operating Characteristics. Preamp gain is XIO. In this case, the DVM could be out of tolerance but if so, its maximum out-of- tolerance error is only – 0.


Performance Test Card This completes the AC Voltmeter Accuracy test. Simplified Input Switching E ia- gram. Accessories Available Status Status Byte Presents status information of a particular device; one bit indioetes whether or not the device current- ly requires Service, the other 7 bits optional are used to indi- cate the type of service required. Detailed Block Diagram 8-H Input resistance of the AC Converter is approximately 2 megohms.

Accuracy is specified as a percentage of reading plus an add-on of one or more digits counts.

International Rectifier

Verify the negative dc accuracy for all settings V and lower. Before connecting ac power to the 34S5A. Reference Assembly Schematic 5 8-G The -hp- part number directly below each drawing mosffet the part number for a power cable equipped with a connector of that configuration.