Even if you didn’t compile your own kernel module, you should always test your box outside of MythTV before trying inside of MythTV. You only have to follow this procedure if. I had issues using a USB3. Then I realized my Playstation 3 which was feeding into it was turned off. Who is online Users browsing this forum: As far as I can tell, the only potential difference is I had to install ivtv-utils to run your v4l2-ctl command. Originally Posted by shawnvdm.

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Ubuntu: Hauppauge HD-PVR

Thats too much effort but it also has a userspace app called ‘somagic-capture’ that can access the video directly so I gave that a spin on my dockstar. The output file will be a 1122 stream video you can then edit or re-encode to compress, etc. It’s a perl script that has TONS of options switches.

It also seems to be easily upset. It’s far easier prv any other solution. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. To find N use Code:. This is something of a pain in the patoot since you have to screw up the TiVo to do the capture, then put everything back, but it does seem to make it work better. Then play these discs in a Blu-ray player. If compilation fails with timblogiw.

Ubuntu: Hauppauge HD-PVR | Linux: Playstation 3 HD Game capture with commentary.

Then stitching it all together with kdenlive. Be aware that your PC has to deal with this stream, so ensure it can deal with the bitrate and resolution via USB — as these were for YouTube I decided that p would be more than enough for an 8 year old. That should reduce any quality issues the TiVo itself might cause normally I use the TiVo at i always because it takes way too long for the TV to adjust resolutions when it constantly switches.


You can probably do this with whatever the svideo device is too. vpr

Ubu the Tech Guru – All things Tech and Linux: Linux Video Capture using an HD-PVR (model# )

Substitute the correct video in the example above. The table below shows the driver package filename for installation on Windows, the date of the driver package when downloaded directly from Hauppauge’s site, this is from the timestamp of the file on their serverthe date of the firmware ROM files within the driver package the hcwhdpvr. Luckily if you’re using a recent Linux distribution the driver that allows this to work is built right into the Linux kernel.

I use ch as my channel changer.

Hauppauge HD-PVR

Once the tuner has been added as an encoder in MythTV, it is vital that the user not access the tuner in outside programs such as cat, VLC, and mplayer. And from Devin Heitmueller “By the way, you can run “v4l2-ctl –list-standards” to see the list of all standards supported by the device.

Even if you didn’t compile your own kernel module, you should always test your box outside of MythTV before trying inside of MythTV. The Logic3 jd seems to be also recommended, and these are still available at the time of writing.


Using a Hauppauge HD PVR usb capture device You can ask for help with video cards, tv cards, dvb, monitors, webcams, digital cameras and software related to these devices, here. I’m using PPTP back to my home network for both remote control and streaming. It seems that the color settings have to be adjusted every time recording starts. Please, enter the code that you see below in the input field. This windows machine ran Windows XP and, as we all know, windows xp is no longer supported.

If dmesg shows “wrong firmware version,” and “device init failed,” then you did not install the device in Windows first and the firmware has not been loaded. Simply have it run when your mythtv backend boots up.

July 29th, 1. This error can happen in Vista operating systems. Mepis 11 is based on hc. How about capturing video on the dockstar and transcoding elsewhere?

When capturing, I suspect I’ll want to switch the TiVo to output native video source resolution rather than upconverting everything to i. However, we can still get pi pcr, p and lesser resolutions from the component output of the PS3. I’ll probably switch to that after I get it set up. I do have a question.