When I last checked they had finally posted the update to their main website here , nine months after it was first available. Their support site is in Chinese but another support site here has limited support for English speakers. Project Development Secondary Development Service. Author Write something about yourself. You can see that offset on the screenshot to the right—the zero marker for channel 1 the green icon on the left is set exactly on the centre line, but the signal trace is half a division offset from that the probe tip was grounded. Eventually I found a more updated version ver 7 , that is used in these screen shots and, while it is much improved, it is still difficult to use.

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In the end I bought myself a proper digital oscilloscope—with knobs that I could twist, startup in a few seconds and a built in display the Rigol DS Series Oscilloscope. On Sample Speed and Memory Depth. But, in practice, digital oscilloscopes like to capture to a hantrk and fast memory and you must specially select their extended memory depth and then it will only work at a slow sampling rate.

Firstly, the usability of the software is hatek. The oscilloscope itself is just a plastic box with three BNC connectors for the two channels and the external trigger input. The orange marker represents the trigger point.

Integral injection molding makes the usage more flexible and the oscilloscope able to adapt more testing situations.

It is a transducer which allows your multimeter to measure current data and enable your oscilloscope to measure the current waveforms. The good features of the windoww are that it does what it says that it does and it is very good value for money.


Downloading the latest driver releases can help you resolve driver conflicts and improve your computer s stability and performance. What Does It Do? Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

So just click upper link to Hantek. Fortunately I always have a computer running on my workbench but many people do not and that would be an even greater impediment. The DSO is sold by a number of companies, ds-o2090 under their own, in house brand name, but they all keep the model number DSO In the top centre you can see a graphic which shows the displayed section of the waveform in relation to the whole waveform stored in memory.

New Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope – DSO

In many cases, update the drivers related to graphics card, motherboard, or any others can quickly get rid of the trouble that display driver stopped responding and has Genius i-look driver xp recovered.

Support is another negative for this device. One of the problems that I had at the time I was purchasing was that there were few reviews of it, so this uantek is intended to help correct that. No need to be fancy, just an overview. The multimeter probes offer a quick and hamtek solution, where a permanent connection is not required.

The DSO also practices this deception. Also, for what it is worth, dso-20090 can find the manufacturers website here. When I last checked they had finally posted the update to their main website herenine months after it was first available. I know that we cannot expect everyone in the world to speak English but if they want to be successful winrows English speaking markets they should provide better support in that language.


Auto Power Adapter HT Project Development Secondary Development Service. HT25COP coil-on plug and signal probe can catch the ignition waveform of automobile engine hantwk. You can read the manual to get a detailed idea of what it does and how it works. Product Registration After-sales service Questions. In this article, I want to tell you how to compare and select a good driver scanner, and keep away from these low-quality programs which cannot offer nantek driver update services they claim they have.

Included in current bundle: The green lettering near the bottom of the screen show that channel 1 has an amplitude of 1. The blue lines on the screen are cursors which can be dragged into position—at the very bottom their values are displayed, in this case the frequency is about It sounds good, and it is a good device.

Auto ddo-2090 probe is a kind of inductive capacitance sensor, it must match with an oscilloscope. This screen shot is from the software running in demo mode not connected to the oscilloscope.