Thanks a ton, that worked just fine Makes sense too, my gf is playing on a weaker GPU and so doesn’t have the view distance set to max. Let’s hope Razer comes with a fix fast. Seemed to work for me when I had this issue, even before 7. For the sake of troubleshooting this issue, I just ran a Violet Hold dungeon while leveling. Thanks for the possible solution!

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So for now, set your view distance to the lowest, or next to lowest and your mouse will be back working fine. Thought I’d keep this here in case anyone needs help because i’ve been struggling with it for months and i’m happy to say the Tratt’s post works! Any one know how to fix this??

Are you running Raptr? Seemed to work for me when I had this issue, even before 7. Join Date Jan Beans Have you installed any new programs lately? Considering the fact that it’s multiple mouse brands, and a lot of people suddenly got it after 7.



It won’t stay clicked, or it randomly double clicks quite often, and its very irritating. Hey guys, if you have Razer Synapse then the problem is a. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Just wanted to say, using a glitcgy, updated my drivers and everything.

Very weird wow camera glitch. : wow

So yeah, it’s definitely a driver issue, not a WoW issue. Nothing has seemed to ever fix it, although the frequency in which it happens has decreased significantly. Drove me insane for years too.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Recently came back to wow and I’m experiencing the weirdest bug ever. Hopefully you are right! I’ve fixed it by going into task manager and ending a process called “Razer in-game engine” or something. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Very weird wow camera glitch.

I cant tell where im walking. Thought i was going nuts. Glitchy mouse in WoW Hm, interesting.

Now goitchy only has problems like this if the framerate tanks for some reason like my whole computer locks up during which my camera moving to far is the least of my problems. Megathread for Developer Livestream announcing 8. Glitchy mouse in WoW Over the past few weeks I’ve started running into some mouse problems. I have a Naga. I run Windows 7 but since the last patch I have occasionally had issues similar to what you are describing.


Camera Angle is ultra-sensitive bug (and spinning) : wow

No idea what causes it, no idea how to fix it. Just the camera angle change is the bug. I’d appreciate knowing why people are gpitchy. Does that mean that whenever I run WoW I have to go fiddle in my task manager? I hope they fix this issue quickly. I bought my first Razer mouse inand have had the same problem since then.