BX The default value is Disabled. Press any key or Power-button and your system will come alive as to where you left it within 8 seconds. You cannot have this feature to work successfully unless you follow the given instructions in the manual to setup the feature. Disabled Disable Keyboard Typematic rate setting. It’s very informative with some benchmarks and diagrams but the presentation method can improve as the 1st glance gives you a feeling that it’s slightly chaotic. For years now Gigabyte has concentrated on the fundamentals of creating solid motherboards that provide the user with exactly what they purchased with the board, unfortunately in this highly competitive market, just giving the user what they paid for is not enough to stay on top. Page 26 BX 4.

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The available FSB settings are very limited, 66, 75, 83,Mhz and a maximum multiplier support of 8x. Remember that the failure to include any other ratios is not the fault of the motherboard manufacturer, as the AGP clock frequency is a function of the chipset.

Expansion-wise, this board is perfect, just like the Asus P2B-F.

Fan Fail Alarm Function Enabled. This is a very cool and timesaving feature but b2000 must make sure that your Power-Supply can give out at least mA at the 5VSB source. Don’t have an account?

But not to worry because when you access the Dual-Bios Management setup, the directions and options given are fairly straight-forward and understandable. Enter text from picture: It seems like every motherboard manufacturer has at least one major claim to fame. When recovering from STR S3 sleep mode, the system is bx2000, in just a few seconds, to retrieve the last “state” of the system before it went to sleep and recover bx200 that state.


This board is an extremely stable board, excellent expansion with fast performance to boot!

Gigabyte’s BIOS fault protection system comes in handy in that case, however considering that you don’t flash your BIOS every day, it doesn’t seem like the technology will be something to write a book on. Test Configuration Processor s: Enabled Enable these functions.

You cannot have this feature to work successfully unless you follow the given instructions in the manual to setup the feature. The password typed now will clear the previously entered password from CMOS memory. And AOpen made it known to the world that if you want a well rounded motherboard, their high quality products would be an unmatchable force in the industry.

Trend PC-Cillin, Triones ver: BX The default value is Disabled. The Manual has got a very nice front and back cover but the contents are made up of recycled paper.

Need help flashing the BIOS of a GA-BX

I shall explain these features in another Paragraph. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

It can also help prevent you from accidentally installing a memory module, peripheral, or even worse, a processor it has happened while the motherboard is receiving power. Page 22 BX The default value is Disabled.

Gigabyte took great care ya placing the most amount of features into the smallest possible area with the BX, there isn’t a square inch of PCB that is wasted with this motherboard.


Windows 98 build 4.

Gigabyte BX2000 BX Slot-1

Main Menu The on-line description of the highlighted setup function is displayed at the bottom of the screen. User type is user-definable; Auto type which will automatically detect HDD type. Virus Warning If it is set to enable, the category will flash on the screen when there is any attempt to write to the boot sector or partition table of the hard disk drive.

Disabled Disable Keyboard Power on. Disabled Disable Keyboard Typematic rate setting. However if you ask a hardware enthusiast what company will be making their next motherboard, chances are that you won’t be hearing anyone give you the name Intel as an answer. Don’t show me this message again.

The other operands will enable ACPI support. My only gripe is that this outstanding-feature’s operation is not documented in the Manual. If any of these things should happen on a normal motherboard, you could be left with a dead motherboard and your only course of action would be to bring the board to the shop and ask them to help you flash the Bios back or replace the Bios chip and if you have a very old motherboard, most likely, you would have to change it.

There are two types: