Download IBProvider 32 bits. Code samples for beginers. There are some pros of such approach: Some imported data was distorted or lost. There was no consistency for these errors and it was impossible to tell what the cause was without debugging into it.

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For example, there is no Fetch Backwards property for cursors, no standard way to read and write OLE DB o,edb, no parallel transactions’ support in one connection realised.

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There are some pros of such approach: With server client Firebird 0. Some imported data was distorted or lost.

Please visit our new home community. Free Developer Edition download. Alessandro FurlanettoItaly. We compared the data and corrected the differences.

To download these drivers on Easysoft site, you should sign up. It enables developing applications in Visual Studio 6.


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I wish to thank you for such a great product. General questions IBProvider blog [rus]. Using IBProvider without registration in Win. Download IBProvider 32 bits.

They let writing SQL queries, which were compatible with the majority of databases. Choosing a driver for InterBase and Firebird. Code samples for beginers. Having Firebird and Interbase databases as the examples, there are some tips that can help choosing the access provider.

This material may be reproduced on other web sites, without written permission but link https: Code samples for firebord. We have created a finished product in a literal sense.

Native OLE DB Provider for Firebird – Firebird News

Please use code examples for quick start. Economical resource consumption — possibility of parallel work with other database filling Delphi programs.

Firebird quick start Firebird for beginners. Next action Download IBProvider 64 bits. Differences between IBProvider versions. Moreover, we decided to transfer the new information system to new x64 server. After the linked server had been created, we discovered that the ODBC driver was unable to cope with quite large amount of data, we are not talking about millions of entries, just several dozens of kledb.


Today the support of this driver is cancelled. IBProvider, news, releases, documentation. OLE DB providers technology is supported by practically all the modern development tools. I discovered IBProvider searching google for the best component to use for native InterBase firebidr. SQL development made its realisations in different databases incompatible. Move mouse over comment to see the full text. Here you may read olexb information about each of them.