But such is the hardware saga: Commit interval 5 seconds EXT3-fs: Download Yohanes patch http: Awesome drive for a steal of a price. I rapidly made 3 coasters.

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Emprex DVDRW 1008IM DVD Writer

Rated this writer 8 of I read this post. Thank you for your code for u-boot image. Comments posted by briggsy from United Kingdom, June 29, Problem emprexx a lan driver, because it a lot of dropped packet, and using telnet or ssh is a nightmare!.

Follow Hembo’s guide at this forum. I got home, slipped it in and was amazed!

After each zone the write speed is increased. Hangs too Uncompressing Linux Last edited by arteqw on 18 Feb I tried dvdXcopy Platinum to no avail, 3 coasters with that. Swapping erase regions for broken CFI table.

Here is a new code, work for me: After changing kernel version, error disappeared. I rapidly made 3 coasters.


Emprex Pd Palyer Home Wall Charger Portable DVD Player AC Adapter | eBay

Gut feeling is that drive is OK and software is screwing up. I’m guessing it will break down in a few years, but we will see. ARP broadcast 1 eth addr: Sory for bad English.

Yes, I use latest trunk code. But back to the new burner: Overall a good drive for the money.

Seems like a waste of money emprrx Platinum 5 a couple of years back for nearly the same price as the emprrex itself. After this speed it will not increase anymore. Sustainable throughput rates vary as a f many things – block size, random vs sequential being the big ones – Adaptec’s SCSI Bench will test drives that use a “SCSI’ impersonating EIDE controller and graph the results on screen as you vary the block size, etc. Last edited by Z3r0 on 27 Feb Cheers, Joe Last edited by Z3r0 on 27 Feb empre, I think that maybe Yohannes solved this: Comments posted by markr04 from United States, May 22, Comments posted by Sam from United States, June 11, This was after capturing from miniDV via Firewire.


Emprex DVDRW IM DVD Writer – VideoHelp

So, I can’t see the rest of the video using fast forward without jumping to the main menu. To answer for your question about kernel. Rated this writer 7 of I have managed to compile 2. Comments posted by tom from United States, April 11, In my opinion there is a problem with OpenWrt toolchain or which part of it.