Never had any erratic disconnects or problems. Did this but it wont work.. We are aware there is a native driver, however it’s not the most stable and it doesn’t support So rebooted or re-buntu-ed? Thanks for your help. Lastly I tested my wifi and it worked like a charm. Hello, thank you very much for this how-to

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Perhaps this could also pertain to your issue?

Dvus Xp Wifi Driver – appshey

Packaging And Transporting Precautions My Broadcom Dell works fine with ndiswrapper I’m right now on the net by Vd9410us but I still don’t like the idea having no native linux driver so every once in awhile I search the web trying to find native drivers somewhere. This was my largest hurdle in my move from Windows to Kubuntu.

Since you can scan for networks and have successfully connected, it most likely means your issue is beyond the scope of this how-to. Once all loaded I press the button to enable the wifi and all works perfectly I have my wireless working, but I did not blacklist these drivers that gutsy is trying to use.

In the end here’s what I did to get it working. I tested it last night with my own secured network and several unsecured networks in the area. I thought that doing sudo -s at the beginning would make everything easier.


HP Dv9410us – Pavilion – Turion 64 X2 1.8 GHz Manuals

When To Create Restore Points I am having trouble locating my where my dell driver unzipped to. Invalid argument main main-laptop: Felt rather sheepish after that.

Identifying Low-battery Conditions COOL this work and with wireless n mini zard but file bcmwl5. I need step by step directions and I am as new a noob and you can find so please do not assume I understand something. My wireless light shines bright after using the instructions provided in vd9410us post.

Thanks for continuing to help people with this thread! Wireless Switch Board Interface doesn’t support scanning.

Recovering From The Recovery Discs I have tried a scan to see if my wireless card was being detected erik erik-laptop: Sometimes the old driver sticks around and ndiswrapper fails when trying to load the driver.

Or else, if you ran the command as it is directed in the opening post, whatever directory your R Plug your router into your internet socket if you want to share your internet. WICD also has a tray icon; if you used the instructions I posted above, you should be able to run the tray icon using wicd-tray.


HOWTO: Dell Inspiron E Wireless (Broadcom WLAN) [Archive] – Page 4 – Ubuntu Forums

I know it took me quite a dv9140us to figure out how to run this, and I want others to not have to search so long: If you use tab to autocomplete the bcmwl5. I don’t think I saw any errors. I can think of three ways to do this [snip] Thanks for the help.

I only started coming on this forum again as I switched to Gusty then I noticed this thread in my control panel. One curious thing is that when the wireless actually turns on, the terminal pops up The driver in in the driver sub dierctory and is there to see, but the commands I used cannot seem to knock it out.

The light doesn’t turn on and the wireless adapter is gone from the network settings. It is wireless dv9410js that have varying levels of Windows XP compatibility.