You can easily process large amounts of data e. Torque Transducer Highly accurate acquisition of torque values with: Name Z to A. A plastic casing is to be installed into a car’s instrument display. Power range Throughout the seven sizes, shu

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What does a lipstick, a fridge, a light switch, and vehicle instrumentation have in common? Consequently, with each processed screw, an expensive sensor-element remains inside the assembled part.

As additional variation, it is possible to overlay the torque-controlled tightening process with an angle-acquisition. Price Low to High. With the tightening of thread-forming and thread-cutting screws, high driving torque-values are necessary. Measuring Instruments for Manual and Stationary Use. The high resolution system of 15 bit is suitable for all torque transducers.

Torque measurement device ME5000

The use of a mechanical torque wrench allows the fast appraisal of tightening torque values. Our size 2 screwdrivers feature the choice of a lower or upper air Torque measurement device ME The mobile and compact measurement device ME with integrated battery allows a torque measurement independent of location or power supply. The screwdriving specialist has employees in over 50 countries and is – due to its wide range of knowledge – a renowned contact in regards to screwdriving and measuring technology, automation, air motors, and air tools.


Get in Touch with us Leaptech Corporation. After overstepping the maximum load, the forming of the screw starts and the diagram ends with the destruction of the screw.

So one could conceivably discover a missing seal because of a post-tension angle being too short or an insufficiently hardened part because of a post-tension angle being too long.

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The DEPRAG product line offers not only handheld screwdrivers for the industrial mass production, but also a wide assortment of stationary screwdrivers for automatic assembly machines.

Skip to main content You are here: In a fully automatic assembly station, the regular dfprag of stationary screwdrivers is necessary.

For example, the screwdriver function modules are available for a large torque range in both single- and toqrue execution. This is imperative for torque below 0.

Then he selects a suitable screwdriver, which is in this case a handheld pneumatic screwdriver. Should a product recall occur because of a faulty screw-connection, then the economical damage will be significant.

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Please pay attention to our legal notice. With this particular procedure, friction influencing errors may be eliminated and the load capacity of the screw can be extended to its maximum.

Besides all commonly required torque measurement functions, this software also enables you to carry out detailed screw joint analysis.


Rudolf Schmidbauer makes an unexpected discovery in his test series: The test is now repeated ten or twenty times – always with original components.

For the installation of a plastic light switch two thread forming screws are used.

This means that the screw is being tightened to a predetermined threshold and then further rotated by a predetermined post-tension angle. Let’s consider the screw assembly task for refrigerator housings: Our depraag of handheld electric screwdrivers offers the customer all the well-known advantages of the DEPRAG screwdriving syste All values are graphically displayed on the LC display.

Skip to main content You are here: The mobile and compact measurement device ME with integrated battery allows a torque measurement independent of location or power supply.

The control and calibration of our torque-wrenches is available as well as the supervision and documentation of the assembly quality. Nature of Business Wholesale Trader.

The error analysis on site may take weeks, or even months.