This special clutch design can reach an extreme hig In connection with the corresponding torque measuring instrument, the E-torque wrenches can also be used for the testing of a screw connection already, by either tightening or loosening the connection. Also here, torque and angle are used as the controlling values. Screw assembly with a constantly high torque, as in the initial phase of this application, would result in unintentionally reaching the destructive overload torque and screws or the sheet metal may be distorted. Naturally, all relevant measuring metrics are traceable to national standards. The DEPRAG torque wrenches in straight and angle-design, allow the mobile use when testing screwdriver-spindles without their removal from an assembly station. In practice this means:

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Deprag Torque Transducer

Please narrow your search by selecting what you are looking for on the menu at the left. This instrument is designed to process a large amount of data up to 1, measuring values and it offers a high flexibility when processing data, since all relevant values are made available to a Torue using an ASCII-format.

Especially with direct-drive into thermo-setting plastics, the right screwdriver speed is of great importance.

According to depray design of ceprag screw, this plastic area is very short or flat and elongated. What happens if problems arise in the assembly of the lip balm’s plastic components?

The software can be used on 32 and also 64 bit Windows Systems. The four external screws, which provide the connection of the front frame and the rear panel after the board has been inserted, reach the fastening torque at 1. Torque measurement device ME The measurement electronic ME for connection to a PC is the ideal measurement device for a stationary calibration laboratory.


During assembly, the piston is first inserted into the casing. Moreover, the screw looses its reusability, since it is being molded during tightening. What type of screwdriving tool best fits the task? The screws to be used in the assembly may be dimensionally smaller, because of the added safety by reaching the necessary assembly pre-load.

Twist the balm out of the practical rotating sleeve; apply balm onto the lips, done! Commonly available statistics programs may be used to This procedure is an extremely rare application-case, which only finds use where a screw is tightened into plastic.

Within the performance range of each spindle torque, speed, waiting period and rot A direct tension measurement leads therefore to a much more accurate pre-load value. Get in Touch with us Leaptech Corporation. The spindle is screwed into the preset threaded hole of the piston until the snap-on connection to the casing closes.

Which torques do I need in order to install the components reliably? Only when the screw-connection is designed so that after the forming of the thread and prior to seating of the screw head, deprrag free run-through is guaranteed, then the displayed connections of the torque-controlled tightening diagram apply.

Measuring Instruments | Torque transducer | Measuring

torqie Almost everyone has used one – a lip balm stick that gives trque to cracked and dry lips. The fastening of the screw causes friction, which depends on both the screw’s geometry and the component’s material.

They are high quality precision measurement devices which even have double the accuracy of the reliable ME and are highly recommended for tasks where measurement accuracy of 0. In other cases, where for example a thread is molded into a blind hole, it is necessary to not only achieve a final-torque but to also consider friction values and especially thread-forming values.


Name A to Z.

This is imperative for torque torqus 0. For the support of our screwdrivers, we offer a suitable, process reliable parallelogram arm, which is shown in our PDF Product Catalog D Almost all previously described proceedings only apply to metric screw-connection into steel.

To ensure optimal measurement conditions we offer screwdriver adapters in combination with linear stands or parallelogram arms see brochure D Screw assembly with a constantly high torque, as in the dwprag phase of this application, would result in unintentionally reaching the destructive overload torque and screws or the sheet metal may be distorted.

The tightening and loosening of screw connections in the range from M12 to M18 can thereby be exacted with the highest efficiency and optimal ergonomics.

The control and calibration of our torque-wrenches is available as well as the supervision and documentation of the toeque quality. The screw assembly has to remain within the range of defined tolerance limits: This means torqud the screw is being tightened to a predetermined threshold and then further rotated by a predetermined post-tension angle. Additionally, this measuring instrument enables the user to perform a complete chain of joint analysis, since the PC has the necessary cycle data of torque over time.

What does a lipstick, a fridge, a light switch, and vehicle instrumentation have in common?