And then click on Add Hardware. One installation is complete, you will have a new entry in the Window’s Device Manager. Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list Advanced and click Next. Click Continue Anyway to get past the Windows warning. Click on Unzip to unzip the drivers to the default C: Download the latest drivers for the Comtrol Device Master here.

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And again the Continue Anyway to get by the second warning.

Comtrol DeviceMaster NS-Link User Manual | Page 74 / 88 | Original mode

You see, after all that, we have only added the Device Master controller, now we must populate with the actual serial ports. Customize the embedded Web server with additional information. Click Next and allow Windows to search. The gateway provides robust connectivity options for the many environments where Modbus is used for device and industrial network communications. Windows will now discover the second nslimk and the process repeats for all the serial ports.

Comtrol has done all of the hardware integration and software customization, so you simply select the model you need for your particular application, and go!


Designed for harsh environments, its machine-mount design uses industrial grade components. Cmtrol DeviceMaster family of low-cost, solid-state microcomputers provides an exceptionally powerful platform for performing application-specific tasks.

Comtrol Device Master Serial Ports

DeviceMaster RTS offers solutions for these problems. Released inNS-Link provides transparent COM and TTY port access across Ethernet networks, enabling applications to seamlessly interact with those ports as if they were locally attached to the application server.

Find the multi-serial port adaptors section and open the sub-tree. Windows will automatically start discovering each serial port, one by one. Think of it as a blend of everything you get in a serial hub, with the best of the application servers, all in a solid-state, embedded system that exceeds your wildest expectations for reliability. Click OK to continue.

DeviceMaster Driver Installation

The gateways are compatible with a vast array of PLCs, both new and old. And then click on Add Hardware.

Once Windows finishes searching, acknowledge the Device Master has been connected and click Next. Device Manager One installation is complete, you will have a new entry in the Window’s Device Manager. Nsllnk the Comtrol utilities here Run the downloaded file to install the Comtrol utilities.

Click on Unzip to unzip the drivers to the default C: Some Netscape 7 and Mozilla users may see this warning in error. The real cost of owning a server extends well comrol the initial hardware purchase price to include software, expansion cards, and, most importantly, system maintenance.


Click Next to continue. How to upgrade to a FREE standards-compliant browser. Scroll down and highlight Multi-port serial adapter s and click Next. Click the No, not this cpmtrol button and click Next. Don’t worry, you will get good at clicking all the buttons. Select specified events for e-mail notification—or create your own.

Click Printers and Other Hardware.

Click here for more information When you see this dialog for the first serial port: Click here nslinl fix the problem. Scroll down the list and highlight Add a new hardware device and click Next. This product is designed with industrial grade components and redundant power inputs to make it exceptionally reliable for critical applications. The COM assignments will also be display here.