Citrix Universal Print Server is made up of two components: By default previewing is disabled so when a user clicks print the job will be sent to the users local default printer. Rakesh December 23, George Spiers December 23, Session printers were no longer mapped. You install the print server software on top of a Windows Print Server device and then Citrix users obtain their print queues from these print servers. You can specify that the Universal Print Driver is always used for example, configured using Citrix Policies.

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Universal Print Driver

A new web browser tab will open showing the file in PDF format. George Spiers January 3, To answer your question, compression does work with 3rd party drivers. If you find that the EMF Viewer shows a print being aligned properly but the actual result is not then you may need to use the Universal Print Driver or native print driver specific to that printing device. When enabling th Universal Printer prrint Auto-create client printers to Do not auto-create client printers.

Choose an installation path and click Next.

One of the main policy settings is Universal Print Server enable which needs to be set to enabled. Having said that, the VDA is behind firewall so it sounds normal to me. Ricoh helps customers enhance their office productivity and revolutionize their workflow with its imaging products and service solutions tailored to company-specific primt and challenges.


What this means is you could have 10 printers mapped to your local machine, but when logging on to a Citrix session only one printer object is created the generic Citrix Universal Printer.

Set this as Use universal printing only or Use universal printing printnig if requested driver is unavailable.

With session printers, there is no need to install drivers on client devices. No that is correct for print communication.

RICOH PCL6 Driver for Universal Print – Citrix Ready Marketplace

When the print job is routed via ICA it is compressed. This is enabled by default but configurable via a Citrix policy named Direct connections to print servers.

The Citrix Universal Printer will show as below when a user clicks to print. You can download or print the PDF to a local printer.

Sounds like a driver issue although as you mention it is working now. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. This will ensure only the Citrix Universal Printer is created when a session is launched.

There are three different citrjx to Citrix printing that can be implemented to unlock better management and advanced printing capabilities.

In the meantime we found already a solution. George I have a dumb question. I am missing Printer part… how is it added on XenApp servers or policy. Pin It on Pinterest. Clicking on the print button again gives you the option to print to any of your locally connected printers. George Spiers December 23, It was not firewall issue as the master image to update the vda is in same dmz and ups always works.


Many thanks in advance for your time. You are missing the Citrix Pring Printer? Are you using Group Policy Preferences to create the printers? You install the print server software on top of a Windows Print Server device and then Citrix users obtain their print queues from these print servers. I am creating a Citrix lab and would like to implement the UPS.

You can also click on Printer Properties on the printer and the driver will show under the Advanced tab. The latest version is 7. The print job from the Citrix session is sent via the ICA protocol and the print data is compressed.