One not to be taken lightly. I would love this driver, because I am a huge fan of callaway equipment I just got a new FT-5, but this one is sweet and if I win could replace the one in my bag now. Casey 10 years ago. Thanks, hope I win!! Boy, does it ever go and go and go.

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I think this sweet looking driver would go great with my Callaway Fusion irons. But as for the driver, its looks are certainly bold and intimidating.

Tim February 4, – 3: I knew I could not afford this wonderful piece of golf gear, but, every demo day where Callaway had a station, I was there hitting balls like never before. I have a nephew that has the best hand eye coordination and can be great at golf but his situation does not allow him to buy golf clubs so he can exploit his talents.

WIN! A “Top-Secret” Callaway FT-iQ Driver!

I wrote a lot of letters to Santa which were not answered. I will have fh-iq wait a few more weeks as recent back surgery otur slowed my down with no golf or oher strenuous activity for at least another month. And take a drink to ease my sorrow…. T Valenta 10 years ago. Posted 03 January – While, I might not be the best canidate for winning the driver, I would like a chance.


Callaway FT-iQ

The first day we took six people out to the range for some testing to see what their thoughts were. John 10 years ago. And in this case my blood would be donated to a colony of vampire bats because I may be a carrier of mental illness.

They are changing the game. I hate myself and want to die…. I have since forgiven that sweet old man, but the my loss still haunts me to this day. However, I know since it xallaway a Callaway that it will greatly improve my game. Great looking driver…but can it deliver the performance.

I need this driver because I had just bought all new clubs when my dad decided that he wanted his clubs back which I had been using for the whole season.

I think this club would help me a lot with my slice and I would appreciate if I were the one to recieve this awesome club. Christof Hammerli 10 years ago. If you use an I-Mix driver shaft, please post what you think of it at http: Great work on the review.


Callaway FT IQ Review – The Hackers Paradise

I actually stumbled across this contest by looking for info on the new Callaway FT-iQ driver. I’m swinging this thing even with less umph and finding it’s just “ok”. Saer Brown 10 years ago. The shaft used in our testing was the Mitsubishi Fubuki in stiff. Not much of a forum if you cannot speak your mind. kmix

Thank you guys a million. It will be available in both regular we tested and tour. The Callaway FT-iQ driver advances the cutting-edge ideas of the FT-i driver to create the best combination of distance and accuracy in any Callaway driver ever.

I love all the articles you guys write rour really cool stuff. My driver was recently broken by an airline baggage handler…it would be very nice to win this club and not have to pay for a replacement! Its Hyperbolic Face Technology creates