BSAC currently has five diver qualifications known as grades. Archived from the original on 26 March To participate in this course you must have the equivalent or higher of a rescue diver certification. We’ll ask in our newsletter if any of our readers have an answer for you. We’ve updated the table. BSAC is unusual for a diver training agency in that most BSAC instructors are volunteers, giving up their spare time to train others, unlike many other agencies, in which instructors are paid employees, or self-employed. CMAS don’t have a central list of all their accredited dive centres, but if you do a Google search for “CMAS dive centre” and your location you should get a list of possibilities.

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Getting ready to retrain after long absence. Top UK dive sites.

BSAC Extended Range Diver

Any questions or comments? Equivalent Diving Qualifications from Different Agencies 14 October There are many different bodies around the world which award diving qualifications.


rxtended I must thank Brian he was with us from the first day both watching and acting as safety Diver. Good luck with your new life.

British Sub-Aqua Club – Wikipedia

Try scuba diving with a club. As there is a difference in these course prices. You will develop your knowledge of deep open-circuit mixed-gas diving, including: Scuba gear for UK diving.

Benard Andeku24 November The STP has three snorkel instructor grades: My goal is to be instructor, but I can’t get a clear picture about how to get there after divemaster.

Retrieved 27 November Retrieved 5 September Thanks in advance, Adrian Green10 October Diver training progression chart.

As an Advanced Mixed Gas Diver 80mhaving consolidated your open-circuit deep diving skills, you will be a valuable member of any expedition team. The overview contain some wrong information concerning NAUI.

Maybe useful for adjusting some information. Ocean Diver beginner course How much will learning to dive cost? Did you ever have an Advanced Open Water card?

I’m sorry we don’t have much information about them but the speciality should be readily accepted. How long does it take to learn?


Learnt to scuba dive overseas?

Technical diving courses – British Sub-Aqua Club

You will need full open-water dive kit suitable for local conditions, including a twin set and two extendsd cylinders each with a minimum capacity of seven litres. Two BSAC grades are missing: Dive planning Dive sites and access Risk assessments Boats and seamanship Kit checklists. Technical diving Other agency tech diver? We’ll ask in our newsletter if any of our readers have an answer for you. Laura Irvin3 October Try scuba diving in a pool.

George Kakoullis28 March You’ve stumped us there. Can the dive operator still sign me off or is there a time frame for my certificate to be processed? R6 April