The Linux driver is released in three packaging formats: This may take a few minutes. In the case of supporting only the module version of these drivers, it is possible to simply run the following to compile patched drivers and to install them into the proper module directory:. Copy the patched drivers to the Linux kernel network driver source directory, i. This parameter should not be set less than 80 on systems with high network traffic.

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BASP is a kernel module designed for 2. This mode is protocol-independent and all traffic will be load-balanced and fault-tolerant.

Most of the steps are only required to be performed after the first time installation. SLB mode works with all Ethernet switches without configuring the switch ports to any special trunking mode.

By downloading, you accept the terms of the Dell Broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller License Agreement.

If you are a commercial customer of Dell, you hereby grant Dell or an agent selected by Dell the right to perform an audit of your use of the Software broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller normal broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller hours; you agree to cooperate with Dell in such audit; and you agree to provide Dell with all records reasonably related to your use of the Software.

The tar file contains additional utilities such as patches and driver diskette images for network installation. The valid values are: All the physical interfaces in the Configures the number netxtremw 1 usec ticks before the NIC generates transmit interrupt after transmitting a frame.


The most likely cause is that the rpm-build package has not been installed. Note that the MTU size excludes the ethernet header size of 14 bytes. Hot-standby interfaces will nwtxtreme over in the event that all primary interfaces have lost their links. The driver diskette images for the most recent Red Hat versions are included.


When this happens, repeat Step 2 to configure an IP address for all the virtual network interfaces. The valid range for this parameter is to If such a defect is found, return the media to Intel for replacement or alternate delivery of the Software as Intel may select. Some combinations of parameter values may conflict and lead to failures.

Configures the number of transmit descriptors. To unload the driver, use ifconfig to bring down all eth interfaces opened by the driver, then do the following:. In Generic Trunking and These modules are designed only for the default kernels on these distributions. The terms of the software license agreement included with any software you download will control your use of the software.

If the patched drivers are configured into the kernel, goto step 7. A virtual device is created for each VLAN added. BASP is released in three packaging formats: This parameter should not be set less than 80 on systems with high network traffic.


Broadcom Nextreme & Netlink Drivers Version WHQL

Patching Driver Into Kernel. Configures the number of 1 usec ticks before the NIC generates receive interrupt after receiving a frame. Three packages are shipped in etherner release: Bcm—a2 there are differences between the Sysprep broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller for Windows and Windows XP, the instructions outlined above should cover the only difference needed to set it up netxtremf the different operating systems. Note that the configuration script name must be prefixed with “team-“.

The valid range is from 1 to These parameters take the form. The valid range is from 0 toand default is Pros i liked that it is about my laptop net broadcom netxtreme bcma2 gigabit ethernet controller Cons it hasnt got sth i dont like Reply to this review Was this review helpful? The update contains feature enhancements or changes that will help keep your system software current and compatible with other system modules firmware, BIOS, drivers and software.