I did not try twin head operation or different resolutions. Close any unnecessary browser windows or tabs that may be downloading video or audio data unattended. External Slim Combo drive: I also tried an older Knoppix and simple booting indeed failed. The laptop also comes with a wireless, optical USB mouse. Unfortunately the built-in microphone seemingly is not switched off even when there is an external microphone connected.

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How to Enable Wi-Fi for an Asus Netbook |

Asus delivers a special cable which connects the optical drive with one of the USB ports and an additional power supply directly besides this port. I skipped this step and rebooted after the next step. I also tried an older Knoppix and simple booting indeed failed.

If you switch ACPI on the machine boots but shuts down again before it is really up. This may be due to operating system configuration changes or a change in your netbook’s IP or Internet Protocol address. Skip to main content. However, it can be solved by closing and re-opening the lid. Nikolai Dorofeev niko ixbt. Contact You can contact Stefan Merten that’s me at smerten at oekonux dot de If my description helped you it would be nice if you drop me a line: Log in to your operating system.


The connection may be re-established once you’ve shut down your system, waited a few minutes and then turned it back on.

This works but gives the dirt effects described above when switching back to X. Power consumption will be closer discussed in the Test section. Press the blue “FN” key and the “F2” key simultaneously, then release.

So I turned to http: However, it wasn’t a free operation – MN is 0. Site At the company’s site you can find all information on ASUS solutions, their configuration and prices, as well as drivers for them. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. One bag is a small one which is more like a padded etui to be put into another bag.

ASUS MN: Elder Brother of ASUS SN

To make a long story short: However, in my home LAN I noticed that the internal network adapter did not auto-negotiated the protocol correctly with my old 10MBit hub resulting in extremely s500n transfer speed. Of course this is extremely annoying if working with a modern window based system. Also if you have better information please tell me and I publish it here. The laptop also comes with a wireless, wirelesd USB mouse.

Installing GNU/Linux on a Asus S5200N sub-notebook

The optical USB drive already mentioned can probably be used with every computer. Products may not be available in all markets. There the headphone port can be controlled separately from the built-in speaker and it is done by channel Pcm2. BioShock Infinite and Metro: However, the manual says you can use an external power supply and use the optical drive with another computer.


In general there were no real wirelesa.

Using yast2 I also removed alsasound from the boot sequence but don’t know whether this was actually necessary. However, I don’t have any complaints about using the ports.

WLAN I looked at http: Without this frame the text entering and mouse pointer moving become e5200n quick operation and you don’t have to remember about dust. Also you should try depmod -a if it didn’t work. If your netbook is already on, click the “Start” button, click the arrow next to the “Shut Down” button and then click “Restart.

But the notebook really works 2.