News Reviews Insights TechRadar. On the plus side, this netbook’s The N10J-A2 even fared well in more graphically demanding situations. Clips from Saturday Night Live on Hulu. With the GPU turned off, the system impressed, lasting about 90 minutes longer in casual use. The use of a dedicated GPU means the odd game can be played, but it pushes up the price and limits mobility. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions.

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Asus N10J – External Reviews

It’s the largest Netbook we’ve seen to date — the Like Lenovo’s Quick Start, which is also built on top of Splashtop, Express Gate’s browser is a pared-down version of Firefox; the same keyboard shortcuts apply, and you can watch clips on YouTube, but you can’t install add-ons. Attempting to watch hefty HD video content files still taxed the Atom CPU and resulted in choppy playback, but standard-definition video files played fine.

News Reviews Insights TechRadar. For a Netbook, the N10J has one of the better keyboards we’ve seen, with large flat keys that maximize the typing surface area. If so, it would be great if you could share it.

I have experience installing linux, compiling the kernel and all that jazz, but absolutely zilch when it comes to writing scripts. Last edited by a moderator: Personally Asuus do not own any other computer at this time other than the N Ran into the fallowing error: ALLurGroceriesNov 14, The keyboard is more comfortable than all but the HP MiniNote, and the touchpad is also large.


That said, this netbook may not be best for graphically demanding games.

HDMI port not working on Asus G75vw.

In the smartphone sector, Asus is not among the Top 5 and has only a small market share as of The main screen has large, colorful icons asks the Web browser, music, photos, online games, chat, and Skype.

The company covers this netbook with a generous warranty: But if you want a lightweight system with plenty of power, the N10J-A2 is a tempting choice.

Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. A scroll panel runs down the right side of the touchpad, but it felt overly sensitive. We’re even seeing less difference in screen size, as most vendors have settled on a 9- or a inch screen.

ASUS N10J-A2 Review

The Good In a Netbook first, it includes a dedicated graphics chip, which can be switched off to extend battery life; decent keyboard; excellent battery life, especially with GeForce graphics turned off; HDMI port and ExpressCard slot are useful bonuses.

It’s an unusual choice, but it gives the N10J zsus level of performance previously unseen on a machine of this size.

Kernel Upgrade Preparing the system Building the kernel Part 2: You’ll pay a bit more for the privilege, but the end result works for gaming on the go, as long as hdmii don’t mind dialing down your game settings. Gaming performance is best viewed through the prism of realistic expectations.


PC Advisor The Asus N10Jc succeeds in many ways, but its price, in the US at least, should prompt you to consider whether you’d be better off to jump from the mini-notebook class altogether in favour of a heavier, all-purpose laptop with an optical drive. The sections below now link to the new sections on the wiki article. In addition to integrated and discrete graphics, the N10J-A2 has high-performance and battery-saving modes, which you can change by pressing the corresponding button above the keyboard.

Asus N10 on Ciao. Sad, really, considering the potential of this device. Since it was not explicitly stated, I will ask. Although more capacious than the flash drives found in many rivals, it also consumes more power.

The quality, however, was pleasant; it wasn’t too tinny when we streamed Internet radio. When does a jumbo mini-notebook officially become an ultraportable laptop?