The belly of the laptop view large image. The suffix differentiates the configs of this notebook Q could be Q or Q etc. DVD drive popped out view large image. Things get ugly when viewing from a side angle view large image. The first thing I checked was the quality of the plastics, which turned out to be pretty good. Also, the palm rests, at each side of the touchpad are firm enough to sustain even a heavy hand such as mine without bending a milimeter. The A6KT is a good, quality buy, a strong, stylish laptop, with decent portability and battery time.

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The color is a very dark grey and it makes the keyboard look somehow less sober than a black one would. The plastic used for the buttons feels comfortable, though I reckon it will show signs of wear and tear eventualy, with several keys becoming shiny. The notebook features a Wireless Lan card that works great and picks up even fairly weak signals, a normal RJ network conncetion, a modem, several audio plugs, a card reader, a PCMCIA slot, firewire and infrared conncetions, so you can plug in anything, be it a camcorder or digital camera, or a simple SD Zsus card.

Super Pi results view large image.

You can see that outdoors the screen acts like xsus mirror due to it being a glossy screen view large image. This version of the A6KT came with a built-in webcam and microphone, for easy communication on the go.

Above are the basic specs for this notebook, though it must seriss said that Asus does equip their A6KT laptops according to the region they ship it in. Asus A6 sedies view large image. A battery calibration did make a significant change, now having a total lifetime of 2h minutes depending on how the notebook is used. The first thing I checked was the quality of the plastics, which turned out to be pretty good.


The hard drive does become hot, around 51 degrees when operating for some time, which makes the upper right side of the keyboard hotter than the one just above the CPU. There are no numbers specified by Asus on the website nor in the manual.

Asus A6 Notebook Review

It does make seriee over the internet so much faster and more enjoyable as it removes the need for an extra USB slot for the webcam and the need to connect an annyoing microphone. The DVD drive is fairly noisy as well, but it revs down as soon as it is not asua. The card can run anything you can currently throw at it including games that require Shader Model 3.

DVD drive popped out view large image.

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Movies aaus viewable as long as the group huddles togheter to fit inside that degree range, otherwise depending on how far outside this zone they are it can become difficult to view or even impossible. The left side just has the DVD drive view large image.

Top view of Asus A6K view large image. Top view of Asus A6 closed view large image. It also has horizontal and vertical scrolling.

Spare parts for A6M

What first struck me looking at this laptop was its sweet price to performance ratio. A66m our network of sites: The speakers are pretty common, and lack power.


Closeup of the right side: The symbols on them are clear and white, and positioned in the upper and lower left corner of the keys for primary and seconday functions and upper right for tertiary functions. This is a smart choice as sweat from the fingers will reduce the aging of these buttons. The 1 MB L2 cache that comes with this processor is quite helpful and so the CPU does manage to gain, clock for clock, a considerable lead ahead of its desktop counterpart, the last generation pin Athlon64 single core chips.

A nice touch is the frame surrounding the touchpad inlcuding the buttons, which are all made out of aluminium with a slight striation along their surface.

Also, the palm rests, at each side of the touchpad 6am firm enough to sustain even a heavy hand such as mine without bending a milimeter. Contents of the Asus A6K box view large image.

asusparts Asus Notebook A Series A6M spare parts and options

Back view of laptop that has a D-sub connector and old LPT port! The laptop is very quiet when running on the battery and when used for light tasks. The hard drive is the major let down for the A6KT. The battery is an 8-cell Li-Ion acumulator. As far as I can work out, the horizontal a66m angles are around degrees which is uncommon for a modern LCD.

Keyboard view view large image.