This worked for me: You might also upgrade your BIOS. Views Read View source View history. I wound up finding the 8. Thanks again for writting such a useful script!

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You might mkdem upgrade your BIOS. Hunk 5 succeeded at with fuzz 2 offset 27 lines. You can start alsamixer on a dedicated device if you type alsamixer -c0 for your card 0.

step-by-step configuring/testing a sound card – Page 2

Up to now, most people say I should downgrade to 8. Hunk 4 succeeded at offset -2 lines. After only 3 and a half years of waiting! The following strings are accepted: Module snd-powermac on ppc only.

Module snd-sun-dbri on sparc only. This new mode differs from the old in a larger meter, no linefeeds for every meter update and a static maximum peak for 1s.

I just ran this on Ubuntu 8.


Playback [off] Simple mixer control ‘Analog Loopback’,1 Capabilities: Works fine, let’s see how my headphones work. Build error on Kubuntu 8. Hunk 4 succeeded at offset 1 line. I used askund -di option on the script.

sound: Convert to menuconfig [Linux 2.6.27]

But after 20 minutes of googling and some despair on my part as to lack of information, I stumbled across your post. Attach the relevant logs Output of uxconfig with -a lsa switch: Will do, I reinstalled Intrepid for now, so Asoudn have to re-run the script and send them the details.

I have a local downloaded copy of 1.

Would you mind to tell me pls? You can find a sample external converter in alsa-plugins package. Could not open audio device for playback” I don’t know what any of this really means, but perhaps it’s different from others’ problems in that I’m not just getting silence, I’m actually getting errors”.

Lookup the model-id matching your codec. The logfile will tell us more about it.


Module for CS sound chips found on Sparcs. The principle how to tackle your problem should be clear by now. I only recently switched and I’m still learning the basics of working in this new OS.

Node 0x19 [Pin Complex] wcaps 0xb: Module for Digigram miXart8 sound cards. Thanks for all the help here, but ironically it is not working. I managed to get the login music to be played properly, by adjusting the sound options: Download en extract the modrm script. The firmware data is found in alsa-firmware package. It sets up a static volume resolution table.