Thorsen I’d be tempted to call it mint outright were it not for the less than sexy hole in the back covered by tape where the optional USB slot can go You can buy these. You must log in or sign up to reply here. If you click on the last picture in my pictures lineup you can see very clearly what it looks like. Apr 20, at 9: For the record, I’ve been intrigued with both the Apogee and the Benchmark gear but, due to my need for recording 8 channels at one time, I’ve settled for a Presonus FireStudio, which I’ve found sufficient – but likely not for the pros – for digital playback. May 8, at 7: Post 8 of 9.

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Post 8 of The hole with the tape over it is where the USB jack would be if you installed the optional and scarce USB optional card. The original version with a computer interface was the USB, and as far as I know that required the user to buy and install the add-in card–the port opening on back was already there on all the units, labeled “USB”, and that was prior to there apogde a FireWire card available.


Apogee Mini-DAC vs. Benchmark DAC-1 USB

Someone asked a good question via PM: Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: There was a plastic piece that moved out of the way when you connect. Lastly, I assume no firewire or USB in without optional cards from apogee?

Nov 26, at 2: Very easy to do. Apr 21, at 8: My sigma 11 was damaged in shipping, and it took me 2 weeks before I was able to fix it. Do you already have an account? In Nashville sitting behind a mixing board. Post 4 of 9. This site uses cookies apogef help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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I currently have my CD player connected via coax, and my Macbook connected via optical. Orlan KFeb 7, The problem here is: Thanks also for the sigma tip, which you also gave me via PM. If a user wanted FireWire, I think they just had to put up with the port on the back and the input option labeled as “USB” after installing the FW card.

But isn’t the USB version produced any more, and if so: Nov 24, at 9: The other reason is simple cheapskatery: May 8, at 7: Apr 21, at 5: This has no bearing on the function of the unit. The Benchmark was probably more resolving, harder edged but my amp and speakers Fac are quite open and honest in a gentle way and it was just too much information to be enjoyable.


Apogee mini-DAC USB?

You must log in or sign up to reply here. I remember looking at that and being a little perplexed.

It doesn’t appear to be “snapped” or broken as best I can tell. Nov 28, at 2: Do ksb know if this has an analog input straight to the amp for stand alone amp use as well? Post 5 of Apr 24, at 8: Post 7 of I bought the mini-DAC to insure myself against any upgradeitis on the DAC front, and now you tell me that while the unit itself needs no upgrading, there is plenty to be had from upgrading the cables