The AFG Series provides 10 sets of memory for user save and recall applications. The new version works to enable factories to streamline machinery repairs and diminish production downtime through IT-managed secure access. Further more, any section of waveform within this 1M memory can be edited or output independently. The software contains not only waveform drawing tools but also a wide variety of waveform editing functions, such as waveform arithmetic operations. Edge time decreased at higher frequency.

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With 16 bit resolution, the 10, parts will appear to be a smooth straight line, while the bit resolution of 12 bit would be 2.

Temperature to satisfy the specification: For example, the Pulse at 1kHz Waveform can be set respectively between the range the minimum and maximum 50nsec and maximum nsec. Where fo is output frequency Fs is sampling frequency np is number of data point.

Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp. AFG allows users to select the suitable impedance between 50 ohm and High-Z, ensuring a right impedance compatibility. The default AFG amplitude is 16 bits resolution.

Further more, any section of waveform within this 1M memory can be edited or output independently. I used an oscilloscope probe to connect the AFG What is the benefit of 1M memory in arbitrary waveform of AFG?


Under both Gate mode and N Cycle mode, the burst waveform polarity and phase can be controlled.

National Instruments LabVIEW SignalExpress Tektronix Edition

One is caused by the impedance. Afterwards, it transmits the data via Gigabit Ethernet or WiFi to a This is a unique feature allowing more flexibility for user to do waveform storage and extraction. Does the AFG provide Noise signals? The AFG has released updated software update in a few days ago.

Tektronix AFG Function Generator – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

A dedicated terminal for the modulating signal output is available in the front panel for modulation monitoring or other control purposes. Adg3000 I have other method to find more information about that apart the information supplied by the manual? Each set of memory is able to store a set of front panel setting and a set of 1M-point arbitrary waveform data.

According to the formula, the maximum output frequency can be provided is MHz. Sine, Square, Triangle, Arb. How to calculate corresponding amplitude for the arbitrary wave amplitude of the AFG?

Does it mean the function is new one? The bar comes in one standard model and two combination versions that have modified handles that can be used to release tension on chain binders.


NI LabVIEW adds support for Tektronix DPO Oscilloscopes |

What is the benefit of 16 bit in arbitrary waveform of AFG? By default, the language is set to English.

The 50 ohm is AFG’s original design, and high impedance is from calculation by software. Since the output frequency depends on the relationship between waveform sampling rate and waveform composed points. The other is qfg3000 by the probe of the oscilloscope. If I accidentally press the Delete all functions in the memory setting and delete all data.


If we disconnect the load and use oscilloscope to measure the voltage directly,2Vpp is measured on oscilloscope. This function is mainly to facilitate users in calculating and output data conversion, if users needs more precise data, users need to find their own ohm impedance matching circuit for the hardware.

It support, bps. What is its maximum output frequency?