Mercury Step stepper motor controller. Download datasheet Go to download. The band limit above and below the trigger level is one half of the hysteresis value added to or subtracted from the trigger level. Language Dictionary – 4 Status Commands Status commands program the dc source status registers. Quick Navigation Visual Basic. This query requests the dc source to identify any options that are installed. The port has three signal pins and a digital ground pin.

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Pins 1 and 2 are output pins controlled by bits 0 and 1. Interface for analog joystick.

You must first select a calibration level with CALibrate: Then use the FETCh commands to return different calculations from the data acquired by the measurement trigger. Extensive software support, e.

Options are identified by number A 0 indicates no options are installed. Measurements are performed by digitizing the instantaneous output voltage or current for a defined number of samples and sample interval, storing the results in a buffer, and calculating the measured result. In this state, the trigger subsystem labvies all triggers.


POSitive triggering occurs on the falling edge. MSS is set whenever the dc source has lwbview or more reasons for requesting service.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

Any help is appreciated. Ask for a free quote on quantities required, prices, and lead times or describe your desired modification. Compatible Products Related Controllers. The output mode switch is used to connect or disconnect the the output capacitor located inside the unit.

Download datasheet Go to download. The time now lavbiew The dc source has three groups of status registers; Operation, Questionable, and Standard Event.

FUNCtion Agilent A, A Only This command configures the measurement sensor to measure either voltage or current when an acquire trigger is used. POSitive] Calibrate positive output current and high current measurement range: Message 4 labvisw 5. As it is read, each error is removed from the queue. Language Dictionary – 4 Table VOLTage The dc source can be programmed to turn off its output if the output voltage exceeds a preset peak voltage limit.

HP A Mobil Communications DC Source

Returns the value of the condition register: Please make sure that the file is 66312, and that it is a valid assembly or COM component. Quick Navigation Visual Basic.


All rights are reserved. Yes it has HP Commands that affect trigger actions are among the parallel commands.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies ag663xxa Power Supply

The Standard Event group is programmed with Common commands as described later in this section. Bit Configurations of Status Registers Signal Meaning Operation Status Group The dc source is computing new calibration constants The dc source is waiting for a trigger The dc source is in constant voltage mode The dc source is in constant current mode The dc source is in negative constant current mode Questionable Status Group General Information About this Guide This guide provides remote programming information for the following series of GPIB programmable dc power supplies: To start viewing messages, select the labvuew that you want to visit from the selection below.

Message 1 of Message 3 of 5.